Thursday, December 27, 2012

MAKE OUT 2013: Action Plan

MAKE OUT 2013: The Plan

I'm Lauren Day. I'm a Makeup Hoarder. 

I'm the girl that was once a tom boy who never wore makeup and I've become the girl who has too much makeup - more makeup than I could ever need or wear myself. I always wanted new makeup, more makeup, more beauty items, I bought too much. Some items I have bought still remain un-opened. My makeup collection now occupies 4 rooms of the house; my bathroom, my bedroom, my dining room and my spare room (makeup storage / junk room!) I even have whole storage systems that hold makeup items that I "don't use anymore". My makeup is OCC! Out of control, baby!  I need an intervention!

So, I have made the decision to join PinkSoFoxy's Make Out 2013 movement. 

Christine from PinkSoFoxy is restricting herself to only 10 makeup purchases for whole year (2013). For myself being a Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty Blogger and yes I admit it Makeup Hoarder I need to give myself more room than just 10 purchases. However I want to also throw out makeup as part of my Make Out 2013 - in the hope I can downside my makeup collection by the end of 2013. So here are my rules for my Make Out 2013 Beauty Mission. 

Make Out 2013: My Guidelines

Duration: December 2012 - December 2013 (13 Months) 
Mission: Thoughtful minimal makeup purchases + Shopping our own Beauty collections
Rules: set your own allowances and exceptions
Result: Save money + reduce our beauty collection + stop bad spending habits  

  • Use up and throw away 10 products per month 
  • Re - organise makeup/beauty collection - check monthly  
  • Clean my ALL brushes once a month (don't be lazy Lauren!) 
  • No Nail Polish purchases (except O.P.I by Mariah Carey) 
  • No Perfume purchases (except Mariah Carey fragrance)
  • 3 makeup purchases per month  (foundation, lipstick, mascara etc)
  • 3 beauty purchases per month (body lotion, skincare, nail care etc)
  • 3 hair care purchases per month (shampoo, hair gel, hair spray etc)
Excluding from Make Out 2013: 
  • Personal Care -Toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, hand soap etc
  • Natural Beauty - like coconut oil, lavender essential oil etc
  • Makeup Artist Essentials - makeup/nail polish remover, cotton tips, brushes etc
Failure is not an option! 

My MAKEOUT 2013 Video: Plan of Action 

PinkSoFoxy Make Out 2013 Video: Lifestyle Makeover

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Suzanne S. said...

Hi Lauren!
I'm doing MakeOut2013 as well. Maybe we can give each other some support :)
However, your video doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?

Following your blog!